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Zombie Survival 101: Surviving the Horde
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Join us for the day and gain the skills you will need to survive when everyone else in no longer here. 

Training includes:

Zombie Survival 101: Surviving the Horde Courses now available
Does the impending Zombie Apocalypse worry you? Have you started to acquire the necessary equipment to survive the living dead, but are not certain how to effectively deploy it? NVT has the solutions to your Zombie problems. In this four course series, we will teach you how to combat the Zombie Hordes with multiple weapons systems, survive as an individual, or succeed as a team!
Zombie Survival 101: Surviving the Horde
Everyone knows that when it comes to Zombies, you aim for the Brain.  But do you know why? Are there other areas of the Zombie anatomy that may be effective for you to target? In the first of four courses, we focus on what makes Zombie's function, how to identify them, and how to use a handgun to defend yourself and others against them. This is no gimmick, this is serious training.
Knowledge and training are your greatest assests against the undead. 
Zombie Survival 212: Engaging the Horde

This course is fast paced and intense.  THIS IS NOT A BEGINNERS COURSE!
This day starts with a short classroom briefing, followed by a precision shooting course of fire.  Students will begin with static target drills and then advance to transitioning from their long-gun to their pistol.  From there, students will be put through a series of moving and shooting drills.  And the class will end with a final "scenario".  Due to the nature of this course, class size is limited to eight students per class.  Again, this course is designed for Intermediate to Advanced level shooters.

Zombie Survival 303:
This course is designed to teach a team of students how to work together safely and efficiently to engage a zombie horde. Students will be taught how to work in teams of two, three, four, and five. They will learn what the responsibilities of each position within the team are and each student will spend time functioning within each position. This is an advanced course and is not for novice operators. If you have questions as to your qualifications, please call us at (703)677-8267 or email us at info@nvtactical.com.

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